1. Introduction

After filming in 1989, French cinema gave birth in 1990 to one of its most horrific offspring : BABY BLOOD. A total outcast amid rather shy French productions, Alain Robak's movie was about Yanka, a young woman pregnant with a monster who drove her to commit terrible crimes. Seventeen years later, the monster is back in LADY BLOOD. Yanka, played yet again by Emmanuelle Escourrou, will have to face her personal demons once more but this time under the direction of Jean-Marc Vincent.

On 27th November last, as the shoot was wrapping up, the DeVil Dead team was invited on set at Arcueil in the Parisian suburbs. The opportunity was not to be missed and we had the pleasure of interviewing Jean-Marc Vincent (screenwriter and director), Emmanuelle Escourrou (screenwriter and actress) and Philippe Nahon (actor). The third and last screenwriter, Hubert Chardot, answered our questions by email as did the special effects supervisor, David Scherer. In our special LADY BLOOD spread, you'll also find a short home-made video, photo galleries, gory pictures and, to top it all off, some of the story-boards!

We now invite you to discover in advance the bloody surprise French cinema has in store for 2008…

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Dossier réalisé par
Xavier Desbarats, Eric Dinkian, Marija Nielsen & Christophe Lemonnier
Jean-Marc Vincent, Emmanuelle Escourrou, Philippe Nahon, Hubert Chardot, David Scherer, Luc Schiltz, Caroline Piras & Alterego Films